Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,India

  • French enchantress
    Devayani performed Bharat Natyam showcasing her command over music and a sensuous and captivating stage presence in the cultural pandal at Lucknow Mahotsav. She buttressed the fact that art knows no boundaries as her graceful dance and pace of dancing style held the audience spellbound

    Faisal Fareed, Sunday Pioneer, Lucknow, India

  • French delight
    Devayani, a French born artiste.......... a dancing diva, who has brought laurels to the country in the field of the Classical Indian Dance style Bharata Natyam

    Qazi Faraz Ahmad, HT City, Hindustan Times, Lucknow, India

  • Indian Odyssey
    Bharata Natyam exponent Padma Shri Devayani, French by origin, promotes the ancient dance form in its pristine form. Devayani has taken Bharata Natyam across the world and earned rave reviews for her performances

    Preet Onkar, HT City, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, India

  • Devyani, Born  for Bharata Natyam
    She got the title of Padmashri this year and was awarded the National Women's Excellence Award for promotion of art and culture last year....... Devyani was also the heroine of a Telugu film.... This film was a Box Office hit and Devyani became an overnight star in South India

    Tarun Khanna, City Plus, New Delhi, India

  • Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,IndiaDevayani... A true cultural ambassador... I salute this multitalented and much celebrated diva
    Asavari Pawar, Greater Kailash News, New Delhi, India

  • French Bharat Natyam exponent charms audience
    Her adroit mastery over the intricate and finer nuances of Bharat Natyam was eloquently discernible at a captivating dance recital held at the Government Museum Auditorium..... Attired in an elegant costume, Devayani took the centre stage only to spell magic within every sequence of presentation.... Devayani has been rightly honoured with top Indian and International Awards

    S. D. Sharma, The Tribune, Chandigarh, New Delhi, India

  • Devayani enthralls audience
    All through her dance the precise postures, the latent energy of Bharat Natyam, its linear geometric elasticity pulsated and enraptured the audience

    Nonika Singh, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, India

  • Devayani in all her grandeur and elegance performing Bharat Natyam on the 2nd Day of the Ellora Ajanta Festival 2007
    Lokmat Times, Aurangabad, India

  • Her Bharat Natyam moves have a transporting effect
    Reetu Joshi, Hyderabad Times, Hyderabad, India

  • Stunning performance by French danseuse
    Devayani has a stunning and magnetic personality, which establishes her as an outstanding exponent of her craft

    S.D. Sharma, The Tribune, Chandigarh, India

  • Devayani, Talat Aziz, regale audience
    City Pulse, Lokmat Times, Nagpur, India

  • A French born Ambassador for Indian Classical Dance : that is Devayani
    Ranjana Rajan, The Hindu, New Delhi, India

  • Diva of classical Dance
    Mateen Khan, Sahara Time, New Delhi, India

  • A quiet determination emanates from the danseuse as she speaks. And you know that this is a person who has the courage to live her dreams
    Amardeep Banerjee, The Asian Age, New Delhi, India

  • Whether she incarnates the enigmatic god of dance, Lord Shiva, or the feminine energy of Goddess Shakti or the playful Krishna or simply the passionate nayaki (heroine), Devayani touches the very soul of the audience with her expressive face, her exquisite mudras, her mystic smile
    Piyush Mathur, Eurasia Times, Bhopal, India

  • Purple and gold in a divine spectacle
    Devayani brings the exotism of Indian Dance to Algarve

    XXIV Algarve International Festival, Maré Alta, Portugal

Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,India
  • Devayani is a star who has been lighting up human life with her powerful stage personality and inborn talent coupled with her commitment to the art. Her attractive personality, the grace of her dancing style hold the audience spellbound. The journey is not yet over for she knows that she has miles to go before she sleeps
    Neha Sahai, The Asian Age, New Delhi, India

  • Devayani danced like a Goddess. On the stage was a dream; heroine from a distant past. Almost six feet of slender black haired beauty in a slithering electric-grey ensemble sans dupatta or palloo. Devayani is just herself and she is sustaining the position of Bharata Natyam on the world map. The incredible dancer performed "Like A Goddess" at the Edinburgh Festival (1997). Her dance was for two weeks at the Edinburgh Festival to celebrate the Golden Jubilee on Indian Independence. "Like A Goddess" was an excellent idea and Devayani has given a beautiful performance
    Vasantha Iyer, National Herald, New Delhi, India

  • Ms. Devayani has broken the boundaries of geography. She is known as one of the leading exponents of Bharata Natyam in India. Sheer beauty of her creations has been widely acclaimed all over India by discerning critics as well as art-loving laymen
    A.R. Basu, First Secretary (Culture), The High Commission of India, London, England

  • We are proud of this sensational artist. Devayani is a woman of substance. Her captivating personality makes my meeting with her an unforgettable experience and she makes me feel proud of my country and its cultural heritage
    Manjula Dutta, Delhi Scenario, New Delhi, India
  • Dick Godfrey has been meeting Devayani, the French born Indian dance star who is already making a tremendous impact on the region in the course of a residency which is accounted a real coup for the Tyneside based Look East dance agency
    The Journal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

  • French artist excels
    Susheela Misra, The Hindu, Lucknow, India

  • The movement of the body, the mimic, the music held the spectators spellbound. The accomplished artist exuded an air of love, joy, beauty and devotion, associated with the traditional dances of South India
    Write up by Jagdish Bajaj after a performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England

  • Devayani has a powerful command of the music a sensuous and captivating stage presence. Devayani's Temple is an enthralling if complex production by an accomplished artist
    Hazel Wright, The Scotsman, Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, Scotland

Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,India
  • In an atmosphere of smouldering joss sticks and burning camphor, she presents a number of different dances, including a brilliant and sustained rendition in the expressionist style on the theme of friendship and love accompanied by the raga, Bhairavi. Her performance is exotic and mesmeric
    M.J.P., Festival Times, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland

  • Mesmeric Bharata Natyam transported her audience with beautiful expressions
    Sayed Ahmed, New Nation, Dhaka, Bangla Desh

  • Dancing with a universal rhythm... unprecedented mastery
    The Times of India, New Delhi, India

  • India's leading dancer has been thrilling worldwide audiences
    Festival Times, Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, Scotland

  • The movements and expressions of her eyes were spell bounding. As she finished her performance with Tillana and Shiv Stuti, the audience felt spiritually uplifted
    Shweta Uppal, Utsav Multi Arts Festival, Bhopal, India

  • Dance in her blood
    The Times, London, England

  • Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,IndiaAs radiant as the divine celestial dancer... gifted with a figure reminiscent of a Hindu Temple sculpture. Tall and proportionate, chiselled features that throb with a passion born of discipline, an elegant sense of costuming and an instinctive choreographic skill are the assets of Devayani which stoned out in her performance at the Tata Theatre
    S. Santhanam, The Times of India, Bombay, India

  • Devayani presents Indian Dances with perfection... undisputed talent
    General Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany

  • A performance which unmistakably evidenced that a European can at least be as if not more effective a carrier of Indian Culture into Europe as an Indian. This is true of Devayani at least
    Ramesh Jaura, German News, Bonn, Germany

  • French dancer as India's Cultural Envoy
    Jagan Nath, The Pioneer, Lucknow, India

  • Wide Acclamation for Devayani at the International Dance Workshop
    Ramesh Jaura, Internationes, Bonn, Germany

  • Her aesthetic sense of costuming and the chosen colour-scheme made her look all the more elegant and attractive
    Shirin Anand, Indian Express, Bombay, India

  • French danseuse excels at Bharata-Natyam...was grace-abounding
    Indian Express, New Delhi, India

  • Devayani : A French revolution. Devayani has a unique appealing quality, her confidence and personality make her dance flow as words give form to a sentence and thoughts to movements
    Vijaya Dixit, Delhi Recorder, New Delhi, India

  • Delighted the audience with a chaste interpretation of both the pure and abhinaya compositions
    Subbudu, The Statesman, New Delhi, India

  • A remarkable command over Abhinaya, which was justly restrained
    Evening News, New Delhi, India

  • Kumari Devayani, new star of the Indian Dance
    Henri Calpas, Flash Antilles-Afrique, Paris, France

  • Her very pretty and forceful stage personality showed a spirit which reflected considerable artistic resources
    The Hindu, Madras, India

  • The Sensuous Dancer
    Pratibha Iyer, Aside Magazine, Madras, India

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Devayani, Bharat Natyam Dancer,India